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The importance of authenticity when buying a piece of art cannot be overestimated. Whether buying for aesthetics or through a desire for an increase in value of the
piece, a marketplace flooded with copies will damage your purchase.

With this modern propensity to replicate in mind, CWM Galleries takes strict steps to prevent any dilution in value of your purchase. We take three main steps to protect the authenticity and unique nature of the art we sell.

Firstly, we set out to record detailed photographic and numeric records of every piece of art that passes through our  Galleries.

Secondly, we solely represent the majority of artists whose work we stock. Hence, we are greatly familiar with their work and also able to exert a substantial degree of influence over their works.
Thirdly, we provide full after-sales service, allowing clients to replace documentation should it be required.

These three steps allow our collectors to call upon our expertise and advice should they chooses to sell on a piece they currently own. By having complete sales and artworks records, collectors are able to ensure the heritage and legitimacy of their purchase.

That we are the sole gallery for so many of our artists allows us to help the artist protect the value of their own work. Many independent artists drive down the value of their work by producing identical paintings and sculptures. This replication prevents their artworks from increasing in value in the future, and reduces the attraction for collectors.

If a reproduction is created as a Limited Edition then CWM Galleries records the details and Ownership of every single Edition.

On purchasing artwork a Certificate of Authenticity for your art work is forwarded to you. This Certificate is essential for resale of the work in the future or for insurance purposes.

On receipt of your confirmation of accuracy your ownership is registered in "Wooshka" TM.

This is the computer program created to track the provenance of art acquired from CWM Galleries. This system is maintained at Head Office in Sydney. Every Certificate of Authenticity has a unique number attached to it.

If you do resell or gift the art work please notify CWM Galleries of the new ownership so the Provenance can be maintained.

Protecting the reputation of our artists and their works is one of our most important roles at CWM Galleries. CWM Galleries ensures that no forgeries are sold and that each Painting and Sculpture or Limited Edition is unique.

Only through this service can our collectors trust the art they buy, and promote the artists whose work they adore.