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One of Australia's major galleries, CWM Galleries was established in Edward Street Brisbane in the 1990's and is now located at the Moore Park Supa Centa with 3 associated warehouse spaces. Many will recognise the gallery from other locations at George Street and Nurses Walk in The Rocks, Moncur Street, Woollahra and Sussex Street in the CBD. Redevelopment of the site brought about the closure of the Gallery.

Since closing the Gallery CWM has focussed on assisting with the creation of Universal ITEC which will feature the art of CWM Galleries whenever there is no visiting exhibition from overseas. This exhibition space will open in July 2018.

CWM Galleries has one of the largest permanent offerings of paintings and sculptures in Australia. It has literally hundreds of drawings, paintings and sculptures in the warehouse and all of this art is available for immediate delivery. All of this available art can be viewed on the web at

We can only caution that images on the web are never 100% colour accurate nor do they display texture. This is one of the reasons CWM Galleries offers to bring artworks out to people's homes without obligation.

CWM specialises in original artwork and with one exception CWM Galleries only represents or manages Australian contemporary artists and sculptors. Many are Award Winning and the biographies of these highly talented artists and sculptors can also be viewed on the above web site.

Similarly, all sculpture castings are done here in Australia and all sculptures are created in lasting materials which can be passed on across the generations. We do not offer works in resin.

CWM Galleries offers very few artworks under glass as these artworks tend to become mirrors. Similarly, CWM Galleries does not offer watercolours or many pieces on paper as they are prone to fading as a result of the strong UV in Australia.

If you have a passion about what you see in the showroom and/or on the web site and have special requirements for a particular space we invite you to discuss your requirements with us as CWM Galleries has a very strong record of arranging the commissioning of both paintings and sculptures.

You can take advantage of the home trial service which CWM Galleries provides enabling people to see the artworks in their own home to ensure the colour, size and composition fit all requirements. There is no obligation attached to this service and in the case of paintings the gallery always brings both larger and smaller paintings to at least determine the actual size of painting required for a particular space.

To coincide with birthdays, anniversaries or other special occasions and even the completion of building works or renovations lay by facilities are available. A full framing service is available.

If you wish to be kept informed about the works of any particular artist or sculptor please let the gallery know as we can complete an information request form for you to be automatically notified.

The mission statement of CWM Galleries is clear.

"CWM Galleries manages artists who conceive and create works of beauty, providing pleasure and insight to their fellow man. In their view there is enough ugliness in this world without artists contributing to it".

We totally reject the concept of elitism and the pretensions that so often inhibit people in approaching and enjoying art.

A red dot on a white canvas will always be a red dot on a white canvas, an installation of underwear on the floor will always be underwear on the floor. I suspect I could even create these 'works of art' myself.

Back in the 1990's we set out to change that and today CWM Galleries are regarded by many as Australia's premier commercial sculpture galleries. The sculptures we exhibit are created in classical and lasting materials, a legacy for future generations.

When one thinks of the Heritage of the world’s great civilisations the visual impact that comes to mind is the marvellous legacy of architecture and artwork left for future generations. Think of the Pyramids of Egypt and the art treasures in the Tombs of the Pharaohs, the Parthenon and The Elgin Stones of Greece, the Colosseum of Rome and the wonderful marble statues and sculptures of that civilisation and so on through the ages.

In our view, installations of PVC plumbing pipe or two railway sleepers crossing one another, et cetera, would be a terrible legacy from our society to future generations. Indeed one of the major art prizes in Britain (AUD$80.000.00) was won with a rubbish bag full of air. One art critic described the artist as "one of the most important artists of her generation". Hot air we agree with! We totally reject this nonsense at CWM Galleries.

By comparison, you are invited to judge the level of skill required to conceive and create the wonderful and lasting works we exhibit. CWM Galleries constantly exhibit up to 300 sculptures and 400 paintings by Contemporary Australian Artists.

The artists creating these works include both award winning artists and highly regarded teachers of their craft. CWM Galleries provides sponsorship and/or manages a number of our artists. Many of the works displayed are exclusive to CWM Galleries.

We urge you to acquire works of art that you really love. If you cannot find the art you are looking for you are urged to view the web page titled "Commissioning Artworks on this web site".

We welcome your next visit to CWM Galleries at the Universal ITEC Exhibition Centre at 40 Burns Bay Road, Lane Cove, NSW, 2066.


Gallery Director